Paranormal Activity 5 Review

A movie that individuals who like scary movies may enjoy is Paranormal Activity 5. This movie combines elements of demonic possession ala the exorcist with teen coming of age movies. The movie takes place in present day Oxnard,California and centers around a teen Jesse played convincingly by Andrew Jacobs and Hector (Jorge Diaz.). After Jesse graduates from high school he is looking forward to a fun filled summer. However,it is not to be. After their neighbor is murdered the teens break in into the apartment and view items reminiscent of a Santanic ritual. Soon after taking the items Jesse finds a strange mark on his arm. Jesse begins to show erratic behavior and he and his friends come to the conclusion he is possessed.
This movie is enjoyable because it takes the viewer inside another world,that of lower middle class hispanic Californians. It starts out as typical and funny, and gows into something mysterious and creepy. Paranormal Activity 5 seemed to be a romp at first,but the strange hapenings seemed realistic. The movie appeared to be a low budget film, but it was vaguely reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project where ordinary days begin to seem like nightmares. The actors are convincing in their portrayals and there are more than a few frights along the way.
Even though this movie unfolds the way you would expect of a paranormal activity movie with a trap door in a murdered person’s apartment and those already possessed show up on the scene, the movie still has fresh appeal, even for those who have seen prior Paranormal Activity movies. On one hand the movie is filled with teenage silliness, but these teen hijinks soon give way to the fact there is something very wrong with Jesse and it is evidenced slowly and convincingly throughout the movie. This movie was directed by Christopher Landon and he shows a true talent in the mix of the mundane and the horrific. The movie may not have you jumping out of your seat, but you will be thoroughly entertained throughout the duration of the flick. Paranormal Activity 5 gets my vote as a movie worth seeing, and one that will keep you guessing until the last curtain call of the 90 minute movie. It is a good ride and a chill fest. This reviewer gives Kudos to Paranormal Activity,5 The Marked Ones. It is a movie that will have you looking a little closer to see if you have any markings. Fore more reviews Check out This Site